Get Oak Ridges Amalgam Free Fillings Services

Do you have tooth decay? Are you wondering which treatment to consider? If so, you just landed on the right page. Despite your efforts to keep your mouth clean, some residue may remain, causing a cavity on your tooth. Our dentists will eliminate the decay and add a filling to prevent further damage. But what type of filling should you consider?

Traditional amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is known to increase toxicity. However, thanks to advanced technology and modern dentistry, we use Oak Ridges amalgam free fillings. They are stronger, more attractive, and safer compared to traditional ones.

Benefits of Amalgam Free Fillings

There are several benefits of amalgam-free fillings, which include but are not limited to:

  • It is a Healthy option. Mercury exposure can cause some effects on the cardiac, urinary, digestive, immune, and respiratory systems. The adverse health effects are dependent on an individual’s age, overall health, and length of exposure. On the other hand, amalgam-free fillings do not contain metal making them ideal for every patient and also promotes good long-term oral health.
  • It gives a natural smile. Unlike easily noticeable metal fillings, amalgam-free fillings blend with the color of your natural teeth to give you a perfect smile. We will examine your damaged teeth and color-match the restoration.
  • Less sensitive to cold and heat. Amalgam fillings are more sensitive to cold and heat thus prone to toothaches. Luckily, Oak Ridges amalgam free fillings are less sensitive and ideal for both adults and children.
  • Strength. Amalgam-free fillings strengthen damaged teeth and don’t break or shrink easily nor quickly. On the other hand, amalgam fillings are prone to damage and might allow bacteria to flow under the filling.

Find Out More about Oak Ridges Amalgam Free Fillings

If not treated soon enough, cavities get worse and might require other complicated procedures. Seek amalgam free fillings services to restore your smile, look, and health. We are a phone call away!