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What is Invisalign? The Invisalign syestem uses a series of custom made aligners. These aligners are custom made clear trays to move your teeth into the right position. Most of the time there are no wires and metal brackets envolved in Invisalign treatments .This system is very efficient in treating many situations including; crowded teeth , space between teeth, flared out teeth, and etc. At Worthington dental Office you can have a free consultation with our dentists to determine if you are a candidate for clear Invisalign aligners.


How does Invisalign Treatment Work?

Your Invisalign® clear aligners are custom-made for you. The aligners are virtually invisible and fit snugly over your teeth.

Each aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them horizontally and vertically and even rotating them when needed. Your aligners are engineered to use the right amount of force in the right place at the right time.

When you change to the next set of aligners (typically every week) your teeth gradually move into position, following a custom treatment plan mapped out by your doctor.

Only Invisalign clear aligners are made of proprietary, multilayer SmartTrack® material to gently shift your teeth into place.



Why Invisalign Treatment

Choose the clear aligner system committed to continuous innovation, with 20 years of clinical research and more than 700 patents. No other clear aligner is backed by the data and experience of 5 million cases.

Up to 50% faster treatment times*

With weekly aligner changes, you’re on your way to the smile you want even faster.

Proven results

SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement.**

Better fit, better comfort

Aligners made from SmartTrack material are more comfortable, better fitting, and easier to put on and take off.***

Effective for a wide variety of cases

Proprietary SmartForce features and SmartTrack material make Invisalign treatment effective for complex cases. With innovations like these, your doctor can move your teeth more precisely.

Unique feature for teens

Invisalign clear aligners for teens contain compliance indicators that fade from blue to clear to help gauge wear time.


Questions For Your Doctor

During the consultation with your doctor, you will discuss many things, and it may be easy to forget some of the questions you wanted to ask. To make sure you're fully prepared, we've gathered a list of common questions, for you to use as a guide when meeting with your doctor. You may also print out our FAQs section for additional topics.


  • Please explain the treatment process. How does it move my teeth?
  • With my case, about how long will my treatment last?
  • How often will I have to visit your office?
  • How much will it cost, and are there payment options?
  • What restrictions will I have when it comes to eating?
  • Will wearing Invisalign aligners affect my speech?
  • What happens after Invisalign treatment is done? Will I need to wear a retainer? Why are Vivera® retainers my best retention option?


  • Please explain the treatment process. How does it move my teen's teeth?
  • With my teen's case, about how long will treatment last?
  • How often will we have to visit your office?
  • How much will it cost, and are there payment options?
  • How does Invisalign fit into my teen's life in terms of eating, school, sports and other activities?
  • I'm afraid my teen might lose or break an aligner. How much extra will this cost me?   My teen doesn't have all of his/her permanent teeth yet. How does Invisalign work in this case?
  • How do I know that my teen is wearing the aligners as recommended/prescribed?
  • What happens after Invisalign treatment is done? Will my teen need to wear a retainer? Why are Vivera retainers the best retention option for my teen?


  • Will my treatment be painful?
  • Can I still play sports or a musical instrument while wearing the aligners?
  • Is there anything that I am not allowed to eat?
  • Will wearing Invisalign aligners affect my speech?
  • How long will my treatment last?
  • What happens if I break or lose an aligner? How much more will that cost my parents?
  • What happens if I forget to wear my aligner? Will that mess up my treatment?

*Weekly aligner changes are recommended for all Invisalign® treatments (with default staging protocol) for all Invisalign products. The decision to prescribe weekly aligner changes is at the doctor’s discretion. Monitor tooth movements such as rotations, extrusions, and significant root movements, particularly blue and black movements in the Tooth Movement Assessment (TMA). Depending on the patient response to treatment, particularly in mature adults, the doctor may consider longer periods between aligner changes. 
** SmartTrack material and SmartForce features are clinically proven to improve control of tooth movement with Invisalign clear aligners. Data on file at Align Technology. 
***Compared to aligners made of off-the-shelf, single layer .030in material. Data on file at Align Technology.